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Get a quick glimpse of the characters in the A.S. Graphic Studio from the page. Then step into the studio to meet us in person. Rumor around campus is that we have a stocked candy dish and free cut-outs.

Melissa Ewart


A Revelle College alumna with a BA in Visual Arts, Interdisciplinary Computing and the Arts, Melissa boasts 11 years of professional design and public relations experience. After working for several event planning companies, corporate groups, non-profit organizations, and even personal clients, she eventually founded the AS Graphic Studio. She doesn't have a favorite project and loves them all equally as a mother would her children. Outside of the office, she enjoys crafty projects with her daughter, hosting Pinterest-worthy potlucks, and going to the beach. She's also an avid Diet Pepsi drinker and, despite already having a daughter, is sometimes the unofficial mother of studio staff members. We love her!

Alfredo Vilano

Senior Designer

An alumnus of Muir College Class of 2000, Alfredo graduated with a degree in Interdisciplinary Computing in the Arts Major. His design experience extends to even before his college days, and he wakes every morning eager to apply all of his skills and expertise to ASGS projects. Currently, he enjoys working with the Center for Student Involvement, and can't wait to add his creative magic to the program. He makes mountains out of molehills, puts the "ooh" in taboo, and challenges you to question "Is this guy serious, OR NAH?" When the sun sets, this hip hop dancer turned country line dancing king takes to the stage. We're all certain he's stumbled across the Fountain of Youth, but he won't tell.

Joshric Aurea

Graphic Artist

You might describe Joshric as a dapper, fashionable fellow. You could also describe him as an old soul trapped in 3rd year Sixth College student's body. In the studio though, he's nothing short of a talented, self-taught, and quirky designer. Joshric first started designing ads and shirts in high school, refining his command of various design programs. Now, he finds himself working on multiple AS Concerts and Events project, including his favorite, Bear Garden. The designer in him loves photography, drawing, baking, and cooking. The old soul in him loves the culture and music of the 40's and 50's. Eclectic as can be, Joshric's always aiming to grow and isn't shy from learning new things.

Thao Nguyen

Graphic Artist

A studious Biochemistry major that's this talented at design? Hard to believe, until you meet Thao. Despite currently pursuing a degree in the sciences, this 3rd year Muir College student has walked a long and driven path of art. Thao started entirely self-taught and eventually attended the Technology and Digital Arts Academy for 4 years in high school. Her favorite project at ASGS has been designing Amor Vincit, where she was able to apply her natural aptitude for evocative illustrations to some of her favorite rap artists. Outside of the office, she enjoys arts and crafts, baking, and penny boarding. You might not guess it, but she used to be a self-proclaimed "band geek" who played the flute and saxophone!

Calvin Ly

Graphic Artist

A Structural Engineering Masters student and Revelle College graduate, Calvin is known around the office as Siri for his quick web search skills. As a designer, his favorite project so far has been designing the Revelle College Orientation logo, and the T-Shirts for two years of incoming first year students. His hobbies include photography, watching TV and movies, cooking, and of course, eating! Having first lived in Argo Hall and then serving as a Resident Advisor for 2 years, Calvin has strong ties to the commons and the college. Among his other passions include video games, especially Nintendo and Pokemon. You can find him waiting at ASGS Plateau, just beyond Victory "One Stop" Road.

Emily Chen

Public Relations Assistant

Meet Emily, a beginner vegan and self-diagnosed shopaholic who can’t go a day without a quick browse through Emily is a 3rd year Muir College student currently pursuing a BA/MIA in International Studies – Political Science. Originally from Seattle, Emily is incredibly appreciative of the SD sun and vows never to succumb to weather-induced gloom again. Armed with experience working in a U.S. Commercial department, a passion for people-pleasing, and an open-mind, she hopes to pursue a career that reflects a marriage of politics and public relations. A closet Star Trek fan and sci-fi movie nerd, Emily’s goal is to one day meet Zachary Quinto, split a vegan donut, and whisper in his ear, “live long and prosper.”

Angela Nguyen

Graphic Artist

An avid dog lover and former track star, Angela is a 1st year Sixth College student studying Human Biology. The words “cute, small, and sass” come to mind when describing this exuberant, young designer. In her spare time, she can be found cuddling with her dog, watching re-runs of the X-Files on Netflix, and searching for the perfect watermelon. Having established a solid background in graphic design during her high school years, Angela has developed an exceptional ability to free-hand recognizably adorable graphics. With her commitment to creativity and her bold determination to color outside the lines, this tiny designer with a larger-than-life imagination is the perfect addition to the ASGS dream team.



A recent addition since ASGS/Triton Outfitters Christmas Potluck of 2015, Pusheen is the vigilant watch-cat of the office. You can find her in her favorite spot perched high above Thao's desk. Don't be fooled by her adorable pink bow though, because she will protect her family (and her donut) tooth and nail!

hall of fame.

Congratulations to our ASGS graduates. You will always be VIP members of the studio. We wish you the best of luck in your next adventures.

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